3D Printed Embed Mould Ice Cube Tray


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3D Printed Molds for Bath Bomb makers, this is the Embed mold, 2 parts. The squares measure 18mm square.

Using the grid half, place on your work bench. Fill the cavities with embed mix then use the other half to squash down the mix, pushing the little squares out the other side! Makes 49 little embeds at once, and its super easy. You don’t need a press for this one, just squashing the halves together with your hands is sufficient. 

Don’t soak the molds in water as this will affect the printing filament. You can rinse with cold water but don’t soak them, or you can wipe out with a paper towel. 

Printing of these molds can take approximately 24 hours and depending on how many are in the print queue, there may be a 2-3 day lead-time on these orders. 

Colours may vary from what is pictured.