Bath Bomb Water Colour Changers – Pack of 9


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This pack of 9 bath bomb colour changers are simply that… Mini bath bombs that have concentrated colour to make the bath water change colour! There are 9 different coloured bombs in the pack, simply place one bomb in the bath and watch it fizz and foam around, then once the bomb has dissolved, the water beneath will be a vibrant colour.

These are made with water soluble dye which will not stain the bath tub or skin, however, if you hold the bomb while it is wet, there may be some temporary staining to the hands. This should be gone by the time you have finished the bath, or shortly after!

Be sure to re-seal the pack to ensure no moisture gets in to the remaining bombs!

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Kaolin Clay, Coco Sulphate, Cornstarch, Cream of Tartar, fragrance oil, Olive Oil, polysorbate 80 and witch hazel. Water soluble colours.