Candle Care

To have a candle that burns evenly, allow a full melt pool to be achieved on its very first burn, and wait until the wax melts across both sides of the glass. This prevents your candle from tunnelling and will ensure that you have an even burn for the remaining ‘life’ of your candle. This may take up to 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the candle you have purchased. Always trim the wick to approx 5mm after every burn to maintain an even flame and minimise the ‘soot’ discolouring the wax. Make sure you remove any ‘debris’ from the top of the candle before you re-light it. Keep your candle out of direct sunlight otherwise wax discolouration may occur.

When burning any candle, please be safe! Keep out of reach of children and pets, never leave it unattended and keep out of draughty areas.